Ministry of Homeland Bulletin Shenzhen landslide: large amount of steep slope of artificial pile soil collapse

Shenzhen Guangming New District Liuxi Industrial Park near a muddy soil temporary acceptance field due to instability collapse occurred landslide
Landslide accident scene aerial view. Yesterday at noon, Shenzhen Guangming New District Liuxi Industrial Park near a muddy soil temporary acceptance field due to instability collapse occurred landslide. According to the Ministry of Land and Resources official microblogging notification, Guangdong Province geological disaster emergency expert group yesterday in the field to carry out emergency investigation, the initial identification of Shenzhen Guangming New District collapse body for the artificial pile of soil, the original mountain did not slide. The location of the artificial soil collapse is the acceptance of the muddy soil, the main dumping of dregs and construction waste, due to the accumulation of large, excessive accumulation of slope, resulting in instability collapse, resulting in many buildings collapsed. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the "slag Hill" for the local government to legally approve the construction of the project - red Au Yu mud soil temporary acceptance field, the purpose is to solve the long-term troubled Shenzhen mud pollution problems. The project is running, the more heap higher the "slag mountain" and a steady roar from the slag car, has repeatedly been complaints and concerns of local residents. According to the Ministry of Land and Resources official microblogging notice, Guangdong Province geological disaster emergency expert group yesterday in the field to carry out emergency investigation, the initial identification of Shenzhen Guangming New District collapse body For the artificial pile of soil, the original mountain did not slide. The location of the artificial soil collapse is the acceptance of the muddy soil, the main dumping of dregs and construction waste, due to the accumulation of large, excessive accumulation of slope, resulting in instability collapse, resulting in many buildings collapsed. Temporary acceptance of the field for the legal approval of the project Yesterday, the Shenzhen City Guangming New District Urban Management Bureau staff to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter confirmed that the landslide is red Au Village Liu Xi Industrial Park near a temporary muddy soil acceptance field, the subject Satisfied that the field for the legal approval of the construction project. According to the Shenzhen Municipal Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. issued the "Shenzhen City mud mud soil acceptance of the special program (2011 ~ 2020)", "mud" refers to the construction unit, construction unit construction, alteration, expansion and removal All kinds of buildings, structures, roads, pipe network, as well as residents of the decoration of the house in the process of spoil, waste and other waste. Public information, in February 2014, approved by the New District Urban Authority approval, in the Phoenix community Hongao Village, the original quarry set up temporary mud soil temporary acceptance field. The acceptance certificate number: 20140003, the use of the deadline to February 21, 2015. In 2014, "Shenzhen Evening News" has reported that by 2015, the city of Shenzhen will build 12 new construction waste reception, which is mainly responsible for the construction of bright new Tianliao Tianmao, Komeito blind pits and red Au and other three recipients. In addition, the Shenzhen Municipal Government (New District Administrative Committee) can also be based on the actual situation of the area to build a number of temporary acceptance field, the total capacity of about 20 million cubic meters. Temporary acceptance of the completion of the field, the red Au Village South this is the abandoned quarry of the open space, began to usher in a daily stream of slag cars. A resident in the vicinity of Liu Xi Industrial Park, told the Beiqing newspaper reporter, "such as the Guangming New District construction site dug up the waste soil, mud are transported down here," the residents said, there are people specifically to these dregs Car charges, "each car received more than 200 yuan." Long ago there are slag car in this stealing residue is remedied "but the dumping of dumped land here dumping the situation as long as the temporary reception before the completion of the field," the local residents said that the problem of stealing dregs Also by the relevant government departments remediation. As early as May 2013, Shenzhen Guangming New District Urban Management Bureau has issued a circular saying, "Guangming New District illegal admission and dumping mud is very prominent, seriously affecting the new urban environment, violations of national and collective interests," so To carry out investigation and prosecution of lawless elements illegally by the residual sludge and mud truck dumping illegal dumping mud action. Public information shows that, due to rail transit, the transformation of the old city, coupled with real estate development projects in Shenzhen produced by the sludge is far greater than the local processing speed, leading to stealing waste of mud and soil and illegal settings The profit situation of the recipients is constantly emerging. In 2013, Guangming New District government official website of an article called "to speed up the construction of more than mud soil acceptance, is the effective way to ease the remaining way of mud." In 2014 and 2015, the Guangming New District Urban Management Bureau has repeatedly referred to the "more than mud mud management work with remarkable results." In February 2014, the Guangming New District Urban Administration said in the "Guangming New District Urban Management 2013 Work Summary and 2014 Work Plan", said, "more than mud mud management work with remarkable results", while "speed up the construction of temporary acceptance , Phoenix, jade temporary acceptance of the field has been officially accepted by the earth, red Au temporary acceptance of the venue to open the election to determine the construction and operation of management units, long-term troubled new areas of mud and mud problems have been effectively resolved. "In this year in April, Guangming New District Urban Management Bureau, said," the establishment of public security, urban management, land supervision and linkage linkage mechanism, crack down on chaos muddy soil illegal activities. Investigate and deal with 155 cases of illegal cases, check the mud head car 240, a fine of 337,300 yuan, the number of cases fell by 70.08% year on year.At the same time, in order to solve the new area of ​​mud and soil problems, and vigorously promote the temporary reception of the construction, completed Yu-law, red Au acceptance of the venue construction, and has been accepted by the earth, for the new key construction projects more than the way to provide a strong guarantee. EIA report has pointed out that the acceptance of the collapse of landslides hidden danger Beige newspaper reporter learned that, according to the 2013 Guangming District, Shenzhen City Government Procurement Center issued a successful announcement, Guangming New District, the red Au Yu residual soil temporary service operation of the successful bidder service Suppliers for the Shenzhen Green Granville Property Management Limited. According to the July 31, 2015 Shenzhen City tripartite integrity Tendering Co., Ltd. issued the "Shenzhen Guangming New Area online government procurement bid announcement (project number: GMCG2015031516)" show that the bright new district red Au, Yu Lu Yu mud soil acceptance field Regulatory services are the successful bidder suppliers in Shenzhen City Star Project Management Consultants Limited. In addition, a report on the environmental impact report of the construction project, which was prepared by Shenzhen Zongxing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that the potential soil and water loss hazard of the temporary acceptance site may lead to collapse , Landslide hazards, "endanger the safety of the mountain and slope." The EIA report said, "the project site was originally red oasis stone field, due to stone mining, resulting in serious damage to the mountain vegetation, spoil any pile, mining area to form a large area of ​​soil exposed, the project has been filled with mud mud 100 Million cubic meters, resulting in serious soil erosion, "said in the EIA report, the site area there are a variety of pollution, such as ecological damage, water pollution, atmospheric pollution, sound environmental pollution. Therefore, the EIA report said, "in the future should focus on strengthening the existing environmental problems to take effective control measures to control." In the environmental risk analysis section has stressed that "dam dam risk is likely to collapse on the north side Liuxi Industrial Park and Concrete Co., Ltd. have a certain impact on the safety of the "and recommended to take the evacuation of vehicles and personnel, sent to day and night patrol, closed by the dangerous area of ​​the intersection, prohibit idlers into the danger zone, the development of alarm signals, Before the start of the alarm signal, the establishment of observation stations (networks) for long-term dynamic monitoring, to master the changes in the development trend of disaster and other measures. Talk about the slag car often overnight operation repeatedly complained by residents of the red Au Village villagers told Beiqing newspaper reporter, the landslide buried in the industrial park of the soil from the village south of the dregs of the mountain. From two years ago, almost every day there are hundreds of dump trucks truck shipped to the soil here, the soil poured into the mountains and then drove away, many times these trucks will even work overnight. "On the night before the landslide, the cars came back to the ground," said Sun, who opened the restaurant at Red Au Village. Slag car into and out of dumping and dumping of soil operations issued by the huge noise so that the villagers are numerous disturbance. In addition, these trucks are often overspeed overload, only this year, these trucks have caused three crashes in the village, as these cars lead to traffic congestion in the village is more often happen. Some villagers said that last year had repeatedly complained about the problem of slag car disturbing people, but no effect, slag car is still every day in the village. Many villagers recalled that the slag car to Shenzhen local vehicles, there are some printed a company in Hunan word slag car. "This year the factory business downturn, workers a lot less, a few years ago the factory here can have more than ten thousand workers, less than 2,000 people this year." In sharp contrast to this, there is a significant increase in the transport of soil As a result of the restaurant, Mr. Sun is clearly aware of the increase in the number of drivers who come here to eat, "last year at this time to eat every day dwarf car drivers about five or six people, this month an average of more than a dozen people. Said the gentleman. With this growth rate, is the red Au Village South "slag mountain" the speed of increase, "two years has been more than 20 layers of high, 'Peak' is also very wide above." Background mud Emissions in Shenzhen in recent years, urban construction problems In fact, "to promote more than mud soil acceptance field" is the topic of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Beiqing newspaper reporter learned that the "Shenzhen City, mud and mud emissions difficult" problem has a long history, according to "Shenzhen Yu mud soil acceptance of the special program (2011 ~ 2020)" document, in early 2008, with the rail transit The second phase of the project started, the problem eventually broke out. In 2014, the local media reports also said that because "rail transit is under construction", resulting in Shenzhen, the amount of sludge production in recent years will remain high, and said that the amount of sludge production decreased year by year to After 2020. The rapid development of real estate, the rapid increase in the number of real estate development, the increase in car ownership and need to be equipped with enough area of ​​the underground garage, excavation of the earth is also greatly increased. Before 2000, due to the wide distribution of land to be built and low-lying areas, the construction of the land leveling project to "lack of" the main, more than the scale of the production of mud is relatively limited, Can be basically completed. From 2001 onwards, due to the gradual reduction of land to be built, low-lying areas basically filled, the construction of the land into a "abandoned" mainly, Yantian port, big shovel and other large reclamation projects have been basically completed no longer needed Earth, in addition, the state also began to strictly control the reclamation, resulting in the spontaneous realization of the community by the balance of emissions of mud is broken. In addition, Shenzhen private land market from the economic interests of illegal occupation of water resources and other serious problems, therefore, Shenzhen City, vigorously promote the surplus mud soil acceptance field. This group of text / newspaper reporter Meng Yaxu Qu Chang Huang Xiaoying Zhang Ya sound had the masses to reflect the "slag mountain" heap filled the high incident to the red village of the masses reflect the impact of industrial parks, causing the collapse of the soil is not natural mountain, but Nearly two years near the construction of excavation, accumulation in the mountains of the dregs, valleys on both sides of the mountain about 100 meters high, dregs out of the mountains flock to the nearby industrial park. A witness in the Liuxi Industrial Park, told reporters that the landslide occurred in the mountain is not high, but the two years near the infrastructure dug out of the dregs are stacked to the mountains, a landslide all washed down. There is a crowd to reflect that the temporary muddy soil acceptance of the mud is too high, a few hundred times a day to drive mud tiles, construction waste dumping, "artificial pile out of the mountain, if there is no scientific planning and management, not "The distance from the landslide mud buried only one building separated by the Shenzhen Rain New Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. security, said each train will be charged 250 yuan fee. Internet users to provide satellite photos show that in 2005, here is the quarry excavated out of the valley; 2013, the quarry is suspended, bare valleys began to turn green, the valley was clearly visible a lot of water; 2014, Quarry valley "turned" dregs landfill, the valley of the export is facing the industrial park. Guangdong Geological Geophysical Engineering Investigation Institute of the original president of Peng Weiping said in an interview with reporters from the disclosure of information to see, continue to pile up the muddy soil to form an unstable body, certainly "bad geological body." From the aerial picture to see, like "dam", like what the muddy soil together. According to the "Shenzhen City Construction Waste Acceptance Field Management Management Measures", as the competent unit of the urban management departments should regularly check the status of supporting facilities, urging the receiving units to check and maintain regular maintenance, and should regularly carry out safety inspection. The regulatory situation of government departments remains to be further investigated. According to Xinhua News Agency

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