Guided by the management system reform: will remove some of the barriers

Guide management system reform is the urgent need for global tourism development
"Tourists are the soul of the tourism industry," but tourists complained that the quality of the tour guide is not high, "black guide", "forced shopping", "rejection group" The sound come and go. What is the reason, so that once the scenery of the tour guide career into such an awkward situation? The future, tour guide career development direction and how? Do not want to be called "shopping guide" front-line tour guide look forward to reform It is understood that the current domestic tour guide is divided into two types of contract guides and part-time tour guides. The former is the travel agency management, there is basic salary and insurance, labor rights and interests are relatively guaranteed; the latter part-time staff, no fixed income, no social insurance, job stability is poor. National Tourism Administration data show that as of now, the number of national tour guides to obtain more than 800,000 people, including part-time tour guides the number of tour guides accounted for about 70% of the total. Obviously, part-time tour guides have become the main force of tourism reception around. "Did not enter the line before, but also feel that the tour guide is very good, can be free to play around, but really into the line, did a few years later found that the tour guide did not imagine the scenery so much." Shanghai Spring International Travel Service Co., Ltd. tour guide Zhu Xiang told reporters that most of the tour guide income to "rely on the guests consumption" in order to get the basic needs of life. "The general season will earn a little, the income will be very low season, make ends meet." "Guide do not want to become shopping guide .A few hundred dollars per person 'pit', do not want to lose money, you can only think of ways to make money to fill the pit, and tourists Shopping is undoubtedly the most direct way to get income. "Part-time tour guide Sun Guoying said that those fees were significantly lower than the cost of a few hundred dollars or even a few dollars of low-cost groups, often organized by the tour to tourists, Hands to buy a group, the tour guide and then advance their own costs from the land to buy "head". For the tour guide, is the debt to take the group, "If the reform through the tour guide management system, so that the return of the tour guide to rely on services to make money, I will consider from part-time tour guide into a full-time tour guide." "As a tour guide, I do not want to take 'fill the pit group', 'naked group'! Every day shopping, how to bring a good team?" 16-year-old Nanjing West Temple Translation Guide Co., Ltd. part-time tour guide He said, she expected to get to reflect the value of tour And work to pay a reasonable tour guide service fee, and not because guests do not shop, pay hard work in vain, have their own money to pay back and forth. "The love of the tour guide has never faded, my mind in the Chinese tourism industry is beautiful, with the tour guide system reform kicked off, my mind this beauty seems more and more clear. Tour guide will not affect the travel agency travel According to the 2016 national tourism work conference released data, the initial estimates, 2015 annual domestic and international tourists more than 4.1 billion people. In this context, there is a status quo can not be ignored, that is, travel agents travel and the proportion of free travel is increasing. It is understood that the current average in the country is 3: 7 relationship, that is, every 10 tourists, there are seven people choose the way to free exercise. "Now with the development of FIT free exercise, then the tour guide and travel agents tied together, whether it is the scope of practice or practice channel, in fact, are not smooth." Ctrip travel network customer service director Qian said. "At present, nearly 27,000 travel agencies in the country, most of them are small travel agencies, in fact, 'can not afford' tour guide." Shanghai Jinjiang Tourism Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Dong Ming told reporters to Jinjiang tourism, full-time tour guide about 50 People around the annual travel expenses in the tour guide in the 400 million to 500 million, busy when these guides are still not enough, the off-season when they do not have enough of the group can take. "After the implementation of the reform of the tour guide management system, if the tour guide free practice, the choice of the enterprise will be bigger, and all the guides and one by one binding, the cost will be reduced a lot." "Guide management system reform do not panic, I would like to know, travel agencies are not particularly big talk. "Shanghai Spring and Autumn International Travel Service (Group) Co., Ltd. tour guide management manager Han Zhenxiao said that the Shanghai outbound tour, for example, last year, Shanghai outbound travel total growth of 23.1% While the travel agency grew by 62.3% year on year. "From the current point of view, visitors can not leave the travel agency." Nanjing De Gao International Travel Service Deputy General Manager Sun Jun believes that the tour guide management system reform is the trend. After the implementation of the reform policy, the travel agency in order to attract outstanding tour guides, will increase the guidance of training investment, improve the basic protection of tour guides and other benefits, so as to change the past only to reduce the team operating costs, regardless of tour guide service quality, deduction guide service fees, Tour guide to pay the first fee to buy the chaos, can effectively curb the breeding of zero negative fare. In line with the market demand authorities crack the bottleneck in the development of the industry in 2016 national tourism work conference, the National Tourism Administration Secretary Li Jin early clearly pointed out that to deepen the reform of the tour guide management system, from the administrative, non-mobile, closed management to market, The legalization of management change. In order to fully implement the reform of the tour guide system, broaden the channels of tour guide practice, in May 2016, Jiangsu and Shanghai officially launched the pilot management system reform pilot work, and vigorously promote the relevant tourism enterprises pilot work. Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau data show that Jiangsu Province, a total of 75355 certified tour guides, the total number of the second in the country. From the level of view, the senior 389 people, accounting for 0.5%, intermediate 2054 people, accounting for 2.7%, primary 73092 people, accounting for 96.8%; from the gender point of view, men accounted for 21.6%, 78.4% In addition to Mandarin, the English tour guide slightly, there are 4620 people, accounting for 6.1%, other as Japanese 496 people, German, Russian and other language guides on the less, only a few dozen. "Tour management system reform is the tourism supply side of the structural reform of the urgent needs." Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau official said, to Jiangsu Province, for example, the existence of structural surplus and structural problems exist, there are a lot of inefficient , The supply of ineffective, and visitors need a good tour guide hard to find. "To the production capacity, make up short board, tour guides need to optimize the industrial structure, improve product quality." Nanjing Tourism Commission, Deputy Director of Quality Management Zhu Yanjia said, Nanjing Tourism Commission around the "innovation industry management and service model" Industry supervision ideas, combined with the traditional operating mode of travel agencies, front-line tour guides to the actual way, tour guide management services to the daily service of tour guides, the use of modern information technology research and development "I want to bring the group" public platform on March 15 this year Officially on-line operation. "The construction of the platform is an active exploration and attempt in the process of advancing the management of the tour guide system in the deployment of the National Tourism Administration. Through this platform, the travel agency can issue line travel, team basic situation, team service reward and other 'tour guide recruitment information' And the tour guide and the tour guide, the tour guide, the tour guide management service company tripartite according to the actual situation, the tour guide, the tour guide, the tour guide, the tour guide management service company, Team members of the service quality, travel team operation, tripartite performance evaluation. "" Guide management system reform is the urgent need for global tourism development.Currently, the tourism industry has entered the national tourism and personal travel, Tourism stage, the demand for fragmented tourism services is also increasing, the traditional tour guide practice is difficult to meet the needs of modern tourism development. "Shanghai Tourism Bureau deputy director Zhang Qi said that the tour guide management system reform, Single guide service channel is more convenient, But also to promote the tour guide more professional services, to better meet the increasingly diversified travel needs. "We set up a multi-sectoral task force, the city's 274 travel agencies and two tour guides industry organizations registered tour guides basic information on the investigation, the 3568 tour guides carried out a questionnaire survey." Zhang Qi said, in the touch At the same time, Shanghai visited the City Lawyers Association, City People's Insurance Bureau, and actively learn from lawyers and other professional team building experience, to further expand the tour guide management system reform ideas. "On the basis of five publicity and seminars held at the municipal level, the guidance area tourism management department and the tour guide industry organization do a good job of policy advocacy, mobilization and service preparation for free practice guides, and invite the human resources and social security departments Interpretation of the Shanghai free practice of job subsidies, social insurance subsidies and other series of New Deal, to encourage the full use of existing preferential policies to carry out the practice. "National Tourism Administration Supervision Department of the relevant responsible person stressed that it is necessary to rule by law, give full play Market allocation of resources, the decisive role, but also smooth tour guide practice development channel, optimize the tour guide practice to protect, modify and cancel some of the reform and development needs of the policy measures and barriers to improve the social service evaluation system, to create tourists, tour guides, social multi- Of the win-win situation.

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