Turkish naval commander missing since the coup

There is no Turkish warships entering the Greek port
According to media reports, the Turkish coup failed, there are 14 ships, two helicopters and 25 special forces missing. But the missing is not just these weapons and soldiers, according to the British "Independent" reported on July 20, the Turkish naval commander - Admiral Kaiser (Veysel Kosele) to the coup after the news no. It is reported that it is not clear whether Kaiser is involved in the coup, or by coup participants hijacked. Prior to the media news that Kaiser was misled to have occurred, so be deceived to a ship, missing so far. The Russian satellite network quoted the "Times" reported earlier, since the 15th Turkish coup since, at least 14 Turkish naval warships did not return to base. According to the report, these warships on the 15th in the Black Sea or the Aegean Sea on duty. It is presumed that some of the insurgents on board may attempt to take the warships to the Greek ports. However, the Greek side said that after the Turkish coup attempt, there is no Turkish warships into the Greek port.

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