Social Department: the number of jobs in the second quarter and job demand were down nearly 10%

For the market demand for employment decline
July 21, the Ministry of Social Affairs released "the second quarter of 2016 part of the city public employment service market supply and demand analysis." Which pointed out that the second quarter of this year, the job market, job demand and job seekers were reduced year on year. At the same time released the "National Top Ten City job requirements and job rankings" show that monitoring the 10 cities, there are nine cities in the tertiary industry, the largest demand for employment, including urban emergency vehicle drivers, job requirements and job seekers Than to 10: 1. Compared with the same period last year, the number of demand and job seekers decreased by 50.8 million and 453,000 respectively, down by 9.5% and 9% respectively. Compared with the previous quarter, the number of demand and job seekers decreased by 25.3 million and 22 million respectively, down by 5.1% and 4.8% respectively. For the decline in demand for the market, Peking University, China Institute of Vocational Care Chen Yu said that from the big pattern, the current economic downturn, one of which is characterized by reduced labor consumption. To enter the market job seekers are also reduced, Chen Yu believes that the specific reasons need to do some investigation, a more likely reason is the professional diversification, many people do not have to find a job, do not have to sign a labor contract with the enterprise can make a living. "Now many people, on the Internet to open a shop, or when the express, car drivers, but also income, but also to make a living for these people, the labor market monitoring is not reflected." Chen Yu said. At the same time, the report also shows that, from the supply and demand comparison, the employer through the public employment service agencies to recruit all kinds of staff of about 497 million people, enter the market job seekers of about 472 million people, vacancies and job seekers ratio of about 1.05. That is to say, every 100 job seekers correspond to 105 vacancies. Chen Yu said that this reflects the employment market a general balance of the situation, indicating that China's overall employment situation is stable. "Ten cities nationwide job demand and job list", in addition to Fuzhou, the remaining nine cities are mainly concentrated in the needs of the tertiary industry. Nanning City, where the two positions for the most lack of jobs, "electronic components and electronic equipment manufacturing, equipment personnel," the job vacancies and job seekers reached 20: 1, and "motor vehicle drivers" reached 10 :1. Renmin University of China Institute of Labor and Personnel Associate Professor Lu Quan said that from different industries, the secondary industry more and more use of machinery, the demand for workers will decline, and with the industrial structure of the transformation and upgrading of the tertiary industry will appear Greater demand for employment.

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